Govt. Degree College - Khansahib

Seminar on Drug Addiction/Abuse held at Govt. Degree College Khansahib

December 28, 2021

The Govt. Degree College Khansahib in collaboration with the District Social Welfare Department Budgam organised a one day seminar on “Drug Addiction & Abuse” under the National Action Plan for Drug Demand Reduction on 28th December 2021.


The programme started with the recitation of Glorious Quran & Naat Shareef. The formal proceedings began with the display of College Tarana.


In his inaugural address Dr. Syed Tanvir Indrabi, GDC Khansahib, highlighted in detail the contours of drug menace. He said that the psychoactive drugs change the brain chemistry and damage the brain circuit. He further elaborated on the distortion of thought process abnormalities in behavioural patterns resulting from drug addiction. He threw some light on the Islamic perspective on drug abuse and the guidelines prescribed for reducing the prevalence of drug menace in a society. He further suggested the intervention of intellectuals and students in the campaign against the drug menace.

The second speaker Prof. Aqeb Manzoor talked about the drug abuse and its impact on the family and society at large. He quoted a report of about 40 cases in Srinagar where women have divorced their husbands after allegedly receiving ill treatment at their hands on daily basis. The speaker holds that lack of knowledge about ‘virtue/good’ promotes evil. Instead, if we promote ‘good’ in the society, evil will have no reason to survive.


Prof. Bashir Ahmad Dar in his speech laid emphasis on curbing the drug menace from its roots before it consumes our young generation at alarming proportions. He threw some light on the causes and consequences of drug menace, quoted a horrible report of a man, labourer by profession, who was about to sell his own child in order to meet his drug expenses.


Prof. Ishfaq Ahmad gave a detailed presentation on drug abuse. He emphasized on recognising early indications of drug use and observation of behavioural patterns like mood swings, memory loss, agitation etc. He added that teenagers and growing adults have a great tendency to get attracted towards drug use owing to lack of awareness or financial burden and unemployment. He said: “It is most important to engage the affected youth & help the administration in fighting drug menace at every step. He added that teachers could become effective agents in social regeneration”.


The programme ended with the vote of thanks presented by Prof. Bashir Ahmad Gamgeen.