Govt. Degree College - Khansahib

Principal Mushtaq Ahmad Lone accompanied by Ex Principal GDC Baramulla Mohammmad Maqbool Rather visits GDC Khansahib

13th Jan 2021.

Ex GDC Baramulla Mohammmad Maqbool Rather accompanied by Prof Mushtaq Ahmad lone visited the institution. Since the principal is under the order of transfer to GDC Baramulla, almost all the staff members had also visited the college. On this occasion, Prof Maqbool met with the faculty and had a one to one interaction with almost all the faculty members of the college. Prof Maqbool, himself a well known figure in the Deptt.of Hr. education, shared his invaluable experiences with the staff besides providing some invaluable suggestions to the faculty at the college. He advised the faculty to take special care of the students during these testing times. He also advised that a college teacher should not only concentrate only upon a classroom teaching but should also try to learn more and more about the environs, and the psychologies of the students. A student suffering from any kind of psychological crisis will never be able to concentrate upon his/her studies leading to a failure of the entire teaching learning process. Besides preparing well for every lecture, a teacher should also prepare a feasible ground for the teaching/ learning process to be effective. Knowing a background of the student and trying to share the personal problems of the students would eventually lead to developing a respect in the hearts of the students for the teacher leading to a good learning attitude. A teacher respected is also a teacher listened to and followed.

Prof Maqbool also inspired the faculty to be generous both emotionally as well as monetarily. He rightly informed that In colleges located at rural areas, most of the students belong to poorer sections of the society who are barely able to sustain their studies. Therefore,  the faculty should try to help the poorer students monetarily as well.

The faculty at the college was inspired with the talk and  thanked the worthy guest for sharing his precious words.


Publicity and Media In charge

Dr. Mohd Mohsin


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