Govt. Degree College - Khansahib

GDC Khansahib organised an orientation program on ‘Cybercrime & Security’.

On 2nd December 2021 GDC Khansahib organised a one day orientation programme on “Introduction to Cybercrime and Safety was organized by Govt. Degree College Khansahib Budgam.


After the welcome address the resource person Mr. Gowhar Ahmad Khan, Additional Superintendent of Police, District Budgam, was invited a the resource person. He debates at length on the various issues related to cybercrimes and urged the audience to make judicious use of technology and electronic gadgets. He educated the audience about protective methods against cyber threats which includes: To identify social engineering attacks, creating personal security awareness programs, keeping software’s updated, reviewing privacy policy and terms of service before signing up for an account and keeping strong anti-virus and spyware protection. About the potential risks of cyber attacks he dwelt on digital, psychological, economic and reputational losses. The resource person also highlighted the national security challenges posed by cyber attacks from adversarial nations.

Earlier, in his welcome address the college , Dr. Syed Tanvir Indrabi, talked about ‘morality and technology’ in modem times and urged the audience for ‘moral use’ of cyberspace. He laid stress on co-curricular activities in order to shape the physical and mental wellbeing of our youth.


Towards the end there of the programme a question answer session was conducted. Various questions were asked by the faculty and students which were satisfactorily answered by the resource person. The programme was anchored by Prof. Iqbal Shafi and while Prof. Ishfaq Ahmad Dar presented the vote of thanks. The event ended with some cherished memories.