Govt. Degree College - Khansahib

Red Ribbon Club Govt. Degree College Khansahib in collaboration with J&K State Aids Control Society celebrated the World Aids Day

Activity Report

2nd Dec 2017

The Red Ribbon Club of Govt. Degree College Khansahib in collaboration with J&K State Aids Control Society celebrated the World Aids Day on the 2nd of December 2017. The theme of this year’s event was “Right To Health”. In this connection, the College Red Ribbon Club under the guidance of Mr. Mohammed Mohsin, Asstt Prof English and Mr. Mohasin Maqbool, Asstt Prof Urdu, organized some activities for the students, which included “A Seminar”, “Poster Making” and “Taking out a Rally to the Main Market of Khansahib where the students distributed pamphlets among the public”.

The worthy Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Lone addressed the students and reiterated the importance of participation of the students in programs of this nature. He insisted that, through activities like these, the students learn much more than mere book reading. A proper guidance from the teacher and disciplined active participation of the students result in the true dissemination of the knowledge. Regarding AIDS, the worthy principal remarked that it is better to look at the Islamic perspective which provides a solution to tackling the spread of AIDS. He said that eventually we find that Science in itself can provide us with no solutions. In fact, science is subservient to Islam. If we just follow the basic principles of Islam, we will remain safe from disease like AIDS. Similarly, though this means, we can win the war against AIDS and spread awareness about AIDS without any difficulty. He further said that we should respect each other’s rights and be more attentive towards our duties. When we do not respect other people’s rights, it results in disasters. Now a day’s more accidental deaths take place because of an irresponsible carefree lifestyle of the youth many of whom are involved in drugs. Therefore, the need of the hour is to inculcate an awareness towards other people’s rights and safety.

Senior Asstt Prof, Mr Shahnawaz also addressed the students and spoke about AIDS. He insisted that we should not be deluded in believing that AIDS is not a challenge for the Muslim nations, because over the last decade a nine hundred percent increase has been witnessed in AIDS related cases in the Muslim nations of the World. The leading cause of this spread of AIDS is lack of information among the general masses. In our state, most of the times we are not even completely sure about the cause of death of the deceased. Besides, most of us are deluded in believing that AIDS means instant death, which is also wrong because there are medicines which can extend the life span of an AIDS infected person. We need to have the supply of all AIDS related medicines readily available in most of the hospitals of the state at subsidized rates. He further warned that India is a leading vulnerable country to AIDS disease and therefore, the fight against AIDS has to be taken seriously.

The convener Red Ribbon Club, Mr. Mohd Mohsin, informed the audience about the theme of the event and explained the message contained in this year’s theme. He insisted that everyone has the right to health and this right has to be respected and upheld on all costs. Even those that have been infected with some disease have to be shown proper respect and care. The taboo associated with AIDS has evolved as a serious challenge in the fight against AIDS and this year’s theme is meant to address this very problem. Speaking about the means of transmission of the disease, Mr. Mohsin said that we should have some compassion for the person that gets infected with this disease besides, it is everyone right to seek protection from this disease by ensuring that proper care is taken in all such activities though which there is a possibility of getting infected with HIV virus.

Mr. Showket, lecturer Political Science also addressed the gathering. He also shared information about world Aids Day and also explained the meaning of terms related to AIDS. He spoke about the HIV infection and processes of Diagnosis through which the disease is detected besides speaking about the treatment of the disease. He further said that World Aids Day has become the most important recognized health day celebrated throughout the globe. It offers the key opportunity to the health organizations to spread informations among the people regarding this deadly disease.

Besides the teaching faculty, many students also spoke on the theme of the event. The students that spoke on the event include Ms Bazila Rasool, Ms Shabnum Yousf and Mr Sahil all students of BA 3rd Semester.

Mr Mohasin Maqbool, Asst Prof Urdu anchored the proceedings of the seminar.

Soon after the seminar, a rally of the students carrying pamphelets with the information about AIDS was taken from the college to the main market of Khansahib wherein the students distributed the pamphlets among the common public. The Rally was accompanied by the Mr. Mohammad Mohsin Asst Prof English Convener RRC and Mr. Mohsin Maqbool Asst Prof Urdu Co-Convener RRC. The efforts and the programmes were highly appreciated by the local community. The rally culminated at the college campus after certificates were distributed among the students who had prepared posters and presentations for the event.