Minutes of the Meeting convened by the Worthy Principal on the 26th of July




Khansahib, Budgam, Kashmir. 191111

Government Degree College Khansahib


Dated 26/07/2019

A general staff meeting was convened by the worthy principal today in which all the following decisions were taken after detailed deliberations:


  1. A meeting should be organized with the parents of the students. An account should be opened in the name of “College Alumni Association GDC Khansahib” in the J&K Bank.
  2. Student Principal Meet should be organized during the next week.
  3. The office of the IQAC Cell should be shifted to the room in second storey in which chairs and tables will be placed for the functioning of the committee.
  4. The student, alumni and civil society Members of the IQAC cell should be selected within this week’s time.
  5. IQAC will also install the grievance boxes in the college.

Publicity and Media In charge

  1. The college website should be made up-to-date besides the face book page of the college.

Examination committee

  1. The Superintendent in every examination will ensure that there should be no unjustified interference of any person with the staff on invigilation duty during the examinations.
  2. Before every examination, a Superintendent should convene a meeting with the staff assigned to him for a particular centre and he should assign duties of invigilation and also sort all matters besides providing clear instructions to the staff regarding the examination. A copy of the distribution of the duty should be sent to the Coordinator examinations.
  3. All the science teachers should ensure that the students with shortage of attendance should not be allowed to appear in the final examination. Moreover, the teachers should circulate notifications regarding the conduct of practical examinations on the notice boards of the college as well as the website before the conduct of the examination.
  4. All the teachers will hand over the award rolls of the previous internal examinations to Convener Examination. Also the teachers should conduct class tests regularly and handover award rolls to the convener examinations for record keeping.

Admission Committee

  1. All the teachers should maintain attendance registers and the college will circulate attendance statement after every two months.
  2. The lecturers working on the basis of academic arrangement will hand over all the attendance registers to convener admission before leaving the institution.
  3. The committee room in the second floor should be converted into a classroom.

Publication Committee


  1. College Newsletter should be completed for publication within a week’s time.

College Discipline Committee

  1. The discipline committee should ensure that the college class fourth as well as the local fund employees should not perform any student discipline related duty or indulge with any student without proper instructions from the convener Discipline committee.

Women Development\ Gender Sensitization Committee

  1. The committee will take charge of the room adjacent to the store room for making it into Girls Room.
  2. The committee will organize awareness drives and programmes within the college.

College Planning, Development and Construction Committee

  1. The committee will look into the malfunctioning of the Online UPS installed in the college. If the product is in warranty, the committee will ensure that it is replaced or repaired on time before its warranty expires.

The Library Committee

  1. The Library Committee will ensure that the process of automation of the library should be completed without any hassle.