Interactive Session Between the students and the Faculty.








Khansahib, Budgam, Kashmir. 191111

Government Degree College Khansahib

Dated 31/06/2019

An interactive session was organized by the Cultural Activities and Debates committee in collaboration with the IQAC cell of the college between the students of the college and the staff. The session was meant to receive the feedback from the students, listen to their views and to receive suggestions from the students for a better planning and execution of various academic as well as co-curricular activities in the college. The programme also helped in grooming the speaking skills of the students and helped the teachers in identifying the positives as well as the negatives in the speaking/ arguing skills of the students of the college. Students belonging to first, third and the sixth semester participated actively in the programme. Mr Mohd Mohsin (AP English), Mr Mohasin Maqbool (AP Urdu) and Ms Kowsar (Lecturer Botany) were present during the session. The students gave many important suggestions to the administration. The worthy principal also attended the session in person and listened to the queries of the students patiently. The worthy principal also answered some of the questions of the students and informed them about the future plans of the college administration. The following noteworthy suggestions were put forward by the students:

  1. That the college should organize guidance programmes for the students for guiding them towards making the best use of the library in the college.
  2. That the students should be provided with pure drinking water
  3. That the students should be given opportunity to play multiple types of games besides cricket.
  4. That the grass in the playfield and the front lawns of the college should be trimmed.
  5. That the students should have more garbage bins in the college.
  6. The library should have relevant books for computer application students and also latest magazines.

Besides this, the students also expressed gratitude towards the administration for providing them with proper infrastructure and advanced teaching learning aids in the college. Mr Fayaz Ahmad Sheikh of sixth semester expressing his gratitude recounted the difficulties the students had to face in the Ashram building during the time when the college was functioning from that building. Mr Shah Umaan expressed his gratitude to the administration for shifting the college to a campus full of greenery and natural beauty. Mr Naveed-Ul-Hassan addressing the students remarked that we should learn to be punctual to the college and make good use of the library. Ms Saima (Third Semester) also insisting upon the fact suggested that the college administration should provide the students with more interesting books and magazines in the college library. Me Bazilla (Sixth semester) suggested that the college should have more comfortable sitting places for the students which should be properly shaded. During the rainy weather, the students are forced to wander inside the corridor which results in the disciplinary issues and difficulties. Moreover, she requested that an auditorium should be constructed in the college campus.

The worthy principal assured the students that all the suggestions will be addressed in due course of time. He informed the students that the college is in the process of levelling the play field and this genuine request of the students is already taken care of. He also informed the students about the installation of Kent water purifier which will address another genuine request of the students. The worthy principal sir advised the students to coordinate with the staff and focus upon their studies so that they would be benefitted the most by the initiatives taken by the college administration.

The following students volunteered and coordinated with the administration in making the programme more relevant and meaningful for the students by providing their suggestions:

  1. Bazilla 6th Semester
  2. Shabnum Yousf 6th Semester
  3. Muzamil
  4. Fayaz Ahmad Sheikh 6th Semester
  5. Mehnaz Majeed 3th Semester
  6. Khushboo Nazir 3th Semester
  7. Kaisar Jahan 3rd Semester
  8. Syed Umaan 3rd Semester


Coordinator IQAC


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