Dr Allama Iqbal RA Day

On the 16th of this month, Government Degree College celebrated the Allama IqbalRA Day. A seminar was organized by the Culture Activities/ Debates committee of the college.  On this occasion, the convener of the committee, Mr Mohasin Maqbool, Asst Prof Urdu acted as the moderator of the proceedings. Many students and members of teaching faculty spoke in detail about various issues related to the theme of the seminar. The proceedings were started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by a student of the college.

Esteemed Principal of the college Prof. Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Lone addressed the gathering and spoke in detail about the great contributions of Dr Allama Iqbal RA. He remarked that Dr IqbalRA, despite his contact with the west and his knowledge of the western philosophy, and despite serving as a professor of philosophy remained essentially a predominantly spiritual Islamic scholar. Dr Iqbal RA serves as an ideal example for the Muslims of the world for learning to maintain a balance between the material and the spiritual. Dr IqbalRA was never drawn towards the material pursuits because of an overwhelming love and respect for the teachings of the ProphetSAW of Islam.  All the contributions that Dr Iqbal RA made in the fields of philosophy and literature were completely based upon his understanding of the Holy Quran. In fact, all the great Muslim scholars, scientists, and educationists that have made any considerable contribution in their respective fields are heavily indebted to insights provided to them though the Holy Quran. Dr IqbalRA always believed in action and persistent struggle for achieving success in this world which he insisted cannot be ignored for it is through this life that if spent to our full potential and in the obedience of the God, that we can achieve the ultimate success. Esteemed principal acknowledged the great influence that Dr Iqbals books like Asrari Khudi had upon his personal life.


Prof Shahnawaz Asst Prof English, also spoke about the spiritual inclinations of Dr Iqbal’s RA teachings. Quoting various verses of Iqbal RA, Prof Shahnawaz spoke about different other aspects of the Poet’s personality and teachings as well. Despite confronting a materialistic western world, he remarked, Dr Iqbal RA countered the west by his arguments based predominantly upon a spiritual understanding.

He also shed some light upon the philosophical implications of the Allama’s concept of Khudi and further explained as to how the great poet was able to counter the atheistic arguments of the western scholars like Nietzsche and his concept of “Superman” by giving the concept of the “Perfect Man”. Mr. Shahnawaz also asserted that Dr Iqbal RA did not believe in the negation of the self but a realization of the self. The impact of the teachings of Dr Iqbal RA eventually lead to great changes in the perspectives of the Muslims of the time thereby resulting in such changes as the Iranian revolution and the making of the Pakistan. Dr IqbalRA also taught us the sanctity of the teacher- student relationship by refusing to accept the title of “Sir” until and unless his teacher Mir Hasan was first acknowledged.

Dr Showkat, Lecturer Political Science also spoke in detail about Dr Iqbal’s RA concept of Khudi and his deep love and reverence of the Prophet SAW.