Govt. Degree College - Khansahib

Anti-tobacco sensitisation programme held at Govt. Degree College Khansahib

15 MARCH 2022

 The District Health Services Budgam in collaboration with the GDC Khansahib organised a day long sensitisation programme on health effects of tobacco use & the remedial measures.


The programme began with an inaugural address given by of the institution Dr Syed Tanvir Indrabi. He dwelt on the nature of damage done by nicotine to the human brain. He said: “Nicotine is an addictive chemical compound found in tobacco plants. It induces a pleasurable sensation which doesn’t last long. But nicotine results in increased blood pressure & hardening of arterial walls which causes heart attacks, cancer and lung diseases. Known cancer causing chemicals are tar, nicotine, arsenic, carbon monoxide etc.” Dr. Indrabi laid emphasis on moral development of a person as it shields a person from all negative influences.



An extensive presentation on health effects of smoking was delivered by Dr. Towseef Amin, District Consultant – Health Services Budgam. He highlighted the fact that tobacco is now the world’s leading single cause of death. He claimed that about 18 per cent of high school students indulge in smoking. Nicotine causes depression, lung cancer, lung diseases, heart diseases and skin becomes thinner and wrinkled. He also highlighted the problems related to smoking during pregnancy which could lead to stillbirths & miscarriages, low birth weight and children with emotional and behavioural problems. Dr. Towseef informed about different drug de-addition centres available in the district & the nature of services provided there.



Dr. Bilal Ahmad, general physician at Govt. Hospital Khansahib, gave a speech on ‘Substance Abuse’ and associated disorders. He highlighted different causes which could lead to substance abuse and the corresponding health effects on the individual and society at large.


The programme was moderated by Dr. Sajad Padder, assistant professor of Political Science at GDC Khansahib and Mr. Shahnawaz Alum – PTI – presented the vote of thanks.